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The Curious Musician

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About Our Studio

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Curiosity is often considered the cornerstone of effective learning, especially when it comes to teaching a child to play a musical instrument. Children are naturally inquisitive and approach learning a musical instrument with enthusiasm and an open mind. With a knowledgeable teacher that encourages creative exploration and experimentation, students are more willing to try new things, experiment with different techniques, and explore various sounds which fosters creativity and innovation as they discover novel ways to produce music and express themselves.


At The Curious Musician, the new music program in residency at The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts in Newtown, we are dedicated to inspiring and empowering students of all ages and abilities through diverse musical exploration. With personalized lessons, we nurture individual interests and goals of our voice and piano students, fostering a love for music that lasts a lifetime. 

Unique to a student’s experience at The Curious Musician is the opportunity to showcase their learning through performance opportunities alongside professional musicians. Check out some of the videos below from our 2023 Spring Vocal Showcase! Join us to experience the joy of discovering your unique musical voice through creative expression and collaborative performances. We can't wait to have you at the studio!


Begin Your Musical Voyage at The Curious Musician

Embark on your musical journey with The Curious Musician. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a trial lesson. Discover the joy and power of music and let your musical talents flourish.

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