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The Curious Musician

Lessons & Classes

Engage Your Musical Curiosity

Piano Keyboard

Private Lessons

Enroll in private voice or piano lessons to develop your unique set of musical skills. Lessons are offered for all ages in all styles, and emphasize technique, theory, and musicianship training, as well as preparation of appropriate repertoire.

Part of our mission at The Curious Musician is to offer uniquely outstanding performance opportunities. Students enrolled in private lessons have the chance to participate in all performance events throughout the season!


Musical Theate Voice Class

Musical theater voice classes are offered for students ages 8 - 11 and 11 - 16. Group voice classes aim to explore vocal awareness and musicality through the genre of musical theater. All ability levels are welcome!


Part of our mission at The Curious Musician is to offer uniquely outstanding performance opportunities. As part of our voice class program, students get the chance to showcase what they've learned while performing alongside a band of live professional musicians!

Playing the piano

About Us

Curiosity is often considered the cornerstone of learning. Here at The Curious Musician, we're all about helping students ages 8-16 along on their music path, no matter if they' re starting out or if they've been singing or playing piano for years.

Performance Showcase

Great performances showcase our students' passion, hard work, and musical talents in a unique and supportive setting. It is our mission to provide students with the opportunity to perform with top-notch, live  professional musicians. 

Our Instructors

Discover the art of music with the guidance of our talented instructors. We strive to create personalized learning plans to help each student succeed. We look forward to helping you reach new heights in your musical endeavors.


Begin Your Musical Voyage at The Curious Musician

Embark on your musical journey at The Curious Musician Music Academy. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a trial lesson. Discover the joy and power of music and let your musical talents flourish.

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